Inquiries for experimental machines

Inquiries for experimental machines

Welcome to send us inquiries for experimental machines

No matter the scale, NSC provides design & fabrication of various kinds of machine prototypes and experimental machines that can be utilized at a development division of an enterprise or at a laboratory of a university.


We will design and manufacture a small device from one unit after confirming the customer’s request from zero base with no design drawings.


Frequently requested items


We do have ideas about mass production machines, but we do not know if it will work out, so firstly we want to make a simple small-sized machine and see how it works.


The workpieces which need cleaning are with a very complicated shape and cannot be uniformly cleaned by commercially available cleaning machines, so we need a cleaning machine with customized specifications.


We have introduced a draft chamber in our laboratory, but we need to add to it some special functions that are not commercially available ones.


Our experimental equipment may be involved with strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature and high pressure, thus in consideration of safety, we need a maker expert at dangerous chemicals for our equipment.


We want the machine size to be the size other than the ready-made machine sizes.

NSC provides the most suitable experimental machines according to customers’ uses and requests. Any kind of inquiries will be fine, so please do contact us once.

Experimental machines developed by NSC

Etching machine


  • Glass etching
  • Metal etching


  • Etching process of small amount prototype
  • Verification of process conditions for mass production

We will propose the optimum plan from the empirical rule based on the data about the spray nozzle that sprays the etching solution and the oscillation (swing) method.


In addition, we can respond to detailed requests such as using the “spray method” or “immersion dip method” as the etching method for the back surface of the object to be treated.  

small etching machine

Small cleaning device


  • Cleaning glass products
  • Cleaning metal products
  • Cleaning of resin products


  • Cleaning process of small amount prototype
  • Verification of process conditions for mass production


  • Supports various customized specifications.
  • Spray cleaning
  • Two-fluid cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Brush cleaning
  • Bubbling cleaning
  • Alkaline cleaning
  • Dilute acid cleaning
  • Electrolytic degreasing
  • Cassette cleaning

  We will propose the best compact cleaning equipment based on our achievements according to the customer’s request.   In some cases, it was possible to evenly clean workpieces with complicated shapes by manufacturing a special jig.

Cleaning machine

Other small devices


  • Small coater device
  • Small developing device
  • Small resist stripping device
  • Compact conversion processing equipment
  • Small plating equipment
  • Small electrolytic polishing device
  • Small chemical polishing equipment
  • Small automatic transfer device
  • etc.


Small electrolytic polishing device

If you have a need for a small device in terms of the position of the development device or testing machine, please contact us. We propose the best small equipment.

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