The feature and strength of NSC is the high quality of the equipment that comes from welding technology

NSC ENGINEERINGFeatures/Strengths

The Features of NSC

Our predecessor, Shinwa Co., Ltd. (1-117-1 Morimoto, Itami, HYOGO Prefecture), was an device maker specializing in wet process device established in 1978.


In 2018, NSC Engineering was launched after receiving a business transfer from Shinwa Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, in 2022, after merging with the parent company, we have restarted as the engineering division of NSC Co., Ltd., which specializes in the equipment business.


In addition to the 40 years of know-how of designing and manufacturing wet devices that use fluid such as chemicals, we, NSC, feature a unique surface treatment technology using inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and electrochemistry.


POINTEven if other companies are reluctant because of the “highly concentrated chemical solution”, NSC can handle both design and production in some cases.

The 5 strength of NSC

1. Ability to etch large products uniformly

Apparatus capable of uniform etching of large products
In chemical etching of 1500×1850mm-sized glass substrates, the precision of in-plane plate thickness of the same glass substrates can be achieved as low as R10μm.

This technology can also be applied to metal etching.
(※1 micron is 1/1000 mm)


2. Samples can be processed for trial

Samples can be processed for trial Our company also handles sample processing using chemicals.
You can purchase device with confidence after a validation assessment.


3. Specialized in Customization

Customized machine 90% of our shipped devices are customized products to meet the customer requirements.


We also support the design and manufacture of special customized device, as well as the design and manufacture of special jigs, draft chambers, workstations, etc.


4. Perfect refractory and corrosion resistance

Equipment with insufficient chemical resistance and corrosion resistance Based on the chemical information used, we actively respond to material selection and mechanical measures with the necessary corrosion resistance functions.


It protects not only the device itself but also electrical device such as control panel without any problems with strong acid or strong alkali.

5. Management systems that ship only high-quality products

Our ISO9001 certified logo mark We consistently respond to mechanical design, electrical design, software design, parts processing, welding, unit manufacturing, device assembly, and commissioning.


The advantage of our consistent production is that quality control is meticulous. It complies with ISO9001 management standards.


NSC Principles

The most important thing in industrial production device as well as wetting device is the safety of the devices.


What is the safety of a wet process device?


Of all the examples, what we value in ensuring the safety of the device is the quality of material selection and resin welding construction.


For example, when delivering a resin tank for storing chemicals, if there is a problem, dangerous chemicals will leak out to the outside, causing serious problems in your factory.


In order to prevent this from happening, we have established the following standards.


Use only proven resin materials

Carefully selected materials that have been used according to the type and concentration of chemicals


The following materials are used as resin materials that consist of wetting devices by selecting materials with performance of use by type and concentration of medications.

Frequently used resin materials

  1. PVC =polyvinyl chloride
  2. PP =polypropylene
  3. PE =polyethylene
  4. PET =Polyethylene terephthalate
  5. PTFE =Polytetrafluoroethylene
  6. PCTFE =Polychlorotrifluoroethylene
  7. PVDF =Polyviniliden Fluoride
  8. PFA =Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkyl vinyl copolymer
  9. ETFE =Tetrafluoroethylene / ethylene copolymer

Especially, PVCs and PPs 1 and 2 are low in price and processable, so they are used frequently, and PVC alone has many material manufacturers all over the world.


And even with the same PVC name, the composition and performance of the material are different if the material manufacturers are different.


If you just send water out, it’s all right to pursue “cheap” and use cheap materials made overseas, but if you use chemicals that are dangerous, chemical resistance and quality stability of the materials are important.


POINTWe use reliable materials based on examples of success and failure of NSC group companies that conduct surface treatment using chemicals.


Qualification as a plastic welding technician

High Quality Resin WeldingHigh Quality Resin Welding We have a technician do welding work with a plastic welding certificate.


The important thing in the qualification test is weld strength. It will be reviewed in accordance with the “JIS Z 3831: Test Method and Judging Criteria for Plastic Welding Technology Testing”.


Plastic welding technician qualification is valid for 3 years. We take renewal exams every three years to objectively check whether our technicians are able to maintain their skill levels.


POINT In addition to the criteria for internal technician recognition, it is only possible to prove its functionality if it is recognized by an authoritative third-party organization. Our company uses the Japan Welding Association.


Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures for Resin Welding Optimal resin welding varies depending on the type of resin and the fabrication target.


  • -A tank that always stores chemicals
  • -Resin piping through which chemicals pass and apply high pressure
  • -A simple water-passing pipe with little pressure fluctuation

The method of resin welding depends on the degree of risk.


Our work standard also focuses on how beautifully to weld while maintaining weld strength, paying attention to the production of device that does not damage the aesthetic.


The device you purchase becomes an important production device that generates profits for your customers over many years or years.


If the device is shut down, there will be a risk of delays in production delivery rather than profit-making profits.


Based on our policy to ship devices that do not easily break down from a long-term perspective, we are working on manufacturing that meets safety specifications and minimizes device prices.


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